student resources

Many of the books by Dynamic Ideas include additional spreadsheets with data and/or software for use with the textbook.

The Analytics Edge

Student resources include: 

  • Datasets for some chapters and the exercises.
  • R Instruction Manual and R Script files.

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OPerations Strategy: principles and practice, 2nd edition

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Data, Models and decisions

Student resources include: 

  • Spreadsheets — spreadsheet data partially-and/or fully-constructed spreadsheet models are available for many of the cases in the book.

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The simulation case models in Chapter 5 are designed to work with Crystal Ball® simulation software, which is a Microsoft Excel® add-on. Please fill out the form below to request a trial license key.

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Optimization Over Integers

There are a fair number of exercises that are given at the end of each chapter. The models and data used in these exercises have been prepared in Cplex. 

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developing spreadsheet-based dss, 2nd edition

developing web-enabled DSS

Additional course material that contains valuable resources for students is available at the books’ website

Principles of Supply Chain Management

Student resources include: 

  • Chapter PowerPoint files
  • Excel files for case studies
  • Practice quizzes

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