Fundamental Mathematics


Fundamental Mathematics


Volumes I, II, III

by Manolis G. Maragakis and Michael N. Metaxas

Translated by M. Papadimitrakis

This three-volume work, represents a seven year effort that provides a unified, insightful and modern treatment of Fundamental Mathematics.

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Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Includes 3333 problems, distributed in three volumes with elements of theory and with exemplary solutions, which are charming, exciting, demanding, riveting and stubborn.
  • Builds a strong foundation for the student by leading him/her in a systematic way to a fertile path towards the solution to a new problem.
  • Elucidates the invisible parts of the theory in an inviting way.
  • Places special emphasis to reveal the heart of any problem and to strengthen the reader's ability to reason with rigor.
  • Presents multiple solutions to the same problem to more deeper and more unified understanding of Mathematics.
  • Aspires to excite the reader on the beauty of Mathematics and to inspire him/her to be creative and inventive.