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Why You Should Publish W/ Dynamic Ideas?

The writing of scientific books is a labor of love. The authors are dedicated individuals grounded in research and education who write books to make a difference on topics they love. Dynamic Ideas values the integrity of the ideas of its authors and is proud to be associated with people with such values and aspirations.

Author Testimonials: Examine what other authors have to say about Dynamic Ideas. They appreciate our publishing philosophy.

Book Adoptions: Review how some of the books from Dynamic Ideas are being adopted as the main text book in academic courses around the world.

Book Adoptions: Dynamic Ideas welcomes authors to submit a proposal for consideration for publication. Click this button to review the type of information we would need about your book.

As the author, you are . . . .

  • treated with integrity and respect;
  • considered a partner in all aspects;
  • included in the production process from the very beginning – including cover design, text layout, etc.
  • involved with promotional and marketing efforts, and more.

What you can expect from us . . . .

  • Excellent quality of design and production;
  • One-on-one author support from our friendly dedicated team;
  • Excellent competitive royalties, one of the best in the industry;
  • Professional inventory management and order fulfillment;
  • Targeted marketing efforts through many venues, including
    • direct mail (i.e., brochures, flyers);
    • online bookstore promotion (i.e.,;
    • special promotions at professional conferences;
    • advertising in scholarly journals; and many more.

    Our marketing efforts are done on an on-going basis and do not stop after the first year of your publication.

  • Free copies of your book for personal distribution; and

Most Importantly………