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Applied Statistics

Models and Intuition


by Arnold I. Barnett

Dynamic Ideas, Belmont, Massachusetts, 2015.

ISBN: 978-0-9899108-8-0

This introductory textbook on applied statistics supports a one-semester course for graduate and undergraduate students in management, engineering, the natural sciences, and the social sciences.

What distinguishes the book is:

  • An exceptionally large inventory of real-life examples drawn from many fields, with hundreds of solved examples and practice exercises, many based on the author’s experiences in industry, law, and government;
  • An unusually strong emphasis on an intuitive understanding of the material, based on recognition that it isn’t enough for an answer to be correct: it should also make sense; and
  • A conversational style of presentation, to make the book’s treatment of applied statistics more inviting and easier to grasp.


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Solution Manual

A solution manual that includes solutions to all exercises in the book is available to qualified instructors. Interested parties should contact the author at

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to obtain the solution manual.

Praises for Applied Statistics: Models and Intuition

“A  patient, humorous and experienced voice presents applied statistics in an intuitive, engaging, and mathematically honest way” – Susan Martonosi, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College

“Reads like a suspense novel: superbly written, accessible, and rigorous” – Mark Hansen, Professor of Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

“A  dazzling array of real-world examples… Read this book!” – Edward Kaplan, Beach Professor of Operations Research and Management, Professor of Engineering, and Professor of Public Health, Yale University

“A  unique approach…delightful... an uncanny ability to explain intuitively even the most opaque concepts” – Amedeo Odoni, Professor of Civil and Aeronautical Engineering, MIT

“Interweaves fascinating real-life examples with lucid intuitive explanations” – Joseph Blitzstein, Professor of Statistics, Harvard University

About The Author

Arnold I. Barnett is George Eastman Professor of Management Science and Professor of Statistics at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He has received the President’s Award and Expository Writing Award from INFORMS, and the President’s Citation from the Flight Safety Foundation for “truly outstanding contributions with respect to safety.”  At MIT, Professor Barnett has been honored by students 13 times for his outstanding teaching of Probability and Statistics.