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Volumes I II III


by Manolis G. Maragakis and Michael N. Metaxas

Translated by M. Papadimitrakis

Dynamic Ideas, LLC
Belmont, Massachusetts, March, 2014.

ISBN: 978-0-9899108-0-4

This three-volume work, represents a seven year effort that provides a unified, insightful and modern treatment of Fundamental Mathematics.

Among its special features the book

  • INCLUDES 3333 problems, distributed in three volumde with elements of theory and with exemplary solutions, which are charming, exciting, demanding, riveting and stubborn.
  • BUILDS a strong foundation for the student by leading him/her in a systematic way to a fertile path towards the solution to a new problem.
  • ELUCIDATES the invisible parts of the theory in an inviting way.
  • PLACES special emphasis to reveal the heart of any problem and to strengthen the reader's ability to reason with rigor.
  • PRESENTS multipel solutions to the same problem to more deeper and more unified understanding of Mathematics.
  • ASPIRES to excite the reader on the beauty of Mathematics and to inspire him/her to be creative and inventive.


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About The Authors

Manolis G. Maragakis studied Mathematics at the University of Athens. He taught Elementary Mathematics at the Lyceum Korais during the periods 1968-1969, 1972-1978 and Elements of Advanced and Applied Mathematics at the TEI of Crete during the period 1979-2011. He has written seven books on Elementary Mathematics and three books on Advanced and Applied Mathematics. At the same time he trained diligent, persistent and intellectually mobilized young people - a training which can be built only over time and which asks for continuous osmosis, spiritual space and time - in order to successfully confront demanding competitions and to acquire essential knowledge for an easier and more decent University presence and an exciting future career.


Michael N. Metaxas studied Mechanical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. After he finished his studies at the Institute of Mechanical Systems of his dear Professor Mahir Sayir in 1985, he returned to Greece and worked at the family ceramics factory, the management of which he undertook completely in 1996. At the same time he worked scientifically on the strength of materials, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, publishing relevant articles in mechanical engineering journals. He also worked on computer programming for industrial applications and on the solution of related mathematical problems. Since 2006 Mathematics has taken up the largest part of his time while writing the Fundamental Mathematics together with his teacher from his high-school years, who inspired his love and enthusiasm for Mathematics and the passion to serve it with humility and selflessness.